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Siamese Fan
June 6th 2006, 06:43 PM
We have two Siamese girls named Hoshi and Keiko (both 6 months old). We're at the green stage and we've experienced many of the same frustrations that others here have mentioned.
Hoshi will use the LK consistently but Keiko will only use it for #1s. Since moving to the green stage, Keiko has started using the floor next to the toilet, or worse, the blanket on our bed!
Common problems, I know.
But let me share some of the funny side of this...
Early one morning shortly after going to the green stage, we heard a lot of clatter in the bathroom. On investigation, we discovered that Keiko had knocked the old amber ring out from behind the toilet where we were storing it, managed to get it next to the toilet, and then deposited #2s right in the centre. I guess she felt she wasn't ready to move to green!
Another time, we went into our bedroom and smelt something evil, though we could not see poo anywhere. We did notice that one corner of the blanket was not laid flat as it should be but folded back. Underneath...you guessed it...steaming #2s. Keiko had "covered" her business like every good cat should.
The moral of this story: cats are SMART...if they can do stuff like this, they can be trained to use the LK...there is HOPE!!!!

June 8th 2006, 05:28 PM
FYI: Giving you cat the opportunity to make his/her business somehwere else and SHE/HE WILL DO IT THERE :twisted:
They are EVUL :lol:

Siamese Fan
June 8th 2006, 10:04 PM
Yes...EVUL and cunning.
PS We have taken new measures to prevent access to inappropriate potential-poo sites. Also increased the rewards...so far, so good. The EVUL cat is now doing much better!