View Full Version : OK for long legged cats, but what about short legged ones?

November 18th 2008, 07:27 AM
I have yet to figure this out, as I have 10 cats that live with me, and they are Munchkins. I just got my LK today, and I will start it tonight (i think).

Another good question would be, will the cats use any toilet in the house? or just the one they get use to with the LK? I have 2 potty's in my home, and im hoping that they will use both. Im also hoping not to have to form a line at the bathroom when the people need to go :P

I will be posting my sucess (if there is any amoung the stubbs) and Hope other Munchkin owners can take my input and use it to help themselves ^_^

November 19th 2008, 08:49 AM
My Paqi has stubby little legs and is using the LK (white stage) just fine. It took a lot longer for her to get any of her business into the hole because she is so small, but the training process is the same - just requires a little more cleanup!!

Good luck with 10 cats - oh my! I thought my hands were full with 2...;)

November 19th 2008, 11:46 PM
Ali, im glad to hear im not hte only person who's got munchkins on this thing ^_^ I tried it for the first time last night, since I already had a litter box in the house right next to the potty, I simply removed the litter boxes in the house, put the LK on and every half an hour for the rest of the day, I showed each cat where it was, peetted each one with praise and left them be, after a few seconds they each came out with nothing being left behind.

The first night I was so nervouse, but the next morning... wow...
It seems they ALL went! LOL the poor LK didnt stand a chance. It had looked like a bomb went off in there, but everyone at least went in it and no where else. It seems my main boy Ti (whos built like a ferret, really long and stubby legs) Missed a little bit. He tried his darndest, but his long body made it difficult and he got the rim of the potty. Still working with him on this.

To anyone with multiple cats, I make the suggestion of getting more then one LK! Or, if you dont want to get more then one, set the alarm clock for every couple hours (or in my case at least check it once an hour) to get up and clean that, or its gonna be a mess in the morning.