View Full Version : Basic Information on the Litter Kwitter® Stages

June 1st 2006, 10:53 AM
Red Disc
minimum period on the rim 2 weeks
Make sure the Litter Kwitter is stable. If your tiles are slippery & the white base plate moves around your cat may not feel safe so non slip mats can help here & can be purchased through hardware stores everywhere

Amber Disc
minimum period on the rim 4 weeks
The Amber disc is the most important stage in the training & the most challenging. Occasionally some cats may refuse to deficate on the the Amber disc, some because they do not like the water & others because they do not like the hole. We are not yet sure why some cats have this reaction & usually after questioning the trainer we find it is because they have not spent enough time on the red disc getting used to the new look & feel the Litter Kwitter unit
If your cat starts toileting in the sinks or shower just block them off by filling a little water in the basin or closing the shower door.
If your cat decides the floor is easier to toilet on try spreading aluminum foil down or bottles filled with water.
Urine off is an enzymtic cleaning pet product, which destroys the smell that keeps on attracting the cat to a previously soiled area.
If your cat does defecate on the floor, clean it up using soapy water then spray the enzymatic cleaner & leave to air dry.
Cats love to please so reward good behaviour with love, touch & a special treat, such as Pit r Pats.
Green Disc
You might be wondering when you will get past this stage. It can be a question of just forgetting about it – keep on reducing the litter ever so gradually & you will get to the point where only a few grains remain.

Good luck!
LK Team