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  1. I never did!
  2. Mine does
  3. Suggested Modifications to LK
  4. pooing on the floor, peeing in the bowl
  5. red disk is fantastic no go with amber disk.
  6. New Intermediate Amber Disk
  7. My cat has the reverse problem!
  8. problems with progressing from red to amber
  9. My youngest does and is training my oldest too!
  10. intermediate yellow insert
  11. New Amber Stage Rocks
  12. It cannot be done :(
  13. stuck on the green
  14. Feb. 2007 - Pee in green, Poo on floor
  15. Poo on the seat, pee in the hole, green ok, tips
  16. Two cats with contradicting problems.
  17. Result!
  18. Need suggestions please
  19. Obstacle Course Works!
  20. Problems with number twos - suggestion
  21. Anyone else have a multi cat home and one with issues
  22. Intermediate Disc Did the Trick!
  23. Praising good behavior
  24. Our cat has no sense of aiming!
  25. Too much water in toilet bowl?
  26. trouble with green
  27. My cat has no aim
  28. Concerns for those at work
  29. where is the suggestions for the obstacle course?
  30. More issues with green
  31. She doesn´t aim for the hole! (amber disc)
  32. Will we ever get past red?
  33. 1 out of 4
  34. I discovered something!!
  35. Another Success
  36. Amber Solutions for Diggers?
  37. Cat just peed on the bed!!!
  38. cat knows how to pee on the bowl but occasionally pees on the floor! why??
  39. Red stage poo on the floor
  40. Falling Off?!?
  41. Eureka!
  42. help! about to give up on the lk.going backwards.
  43. Holding cat on LK whilst pooing!
  44. Back to pooing on the floor...
  45. Water loving cat is playing in the water I set out to keep her from having accidents
  46. Possible reason for pooing off LK -- diet
  47. Funny Cat videos
  48. pees in the LK and poos on the floor
  49. naughty cats that go everywhere but the LK
  50. poos in the floor
  51. cat`s bum over wrong side of LK
  52. Poo on the floor and possible solution
  53. flood's the amber, poo on the floor
  54. When can I trust Tigger?
  55. Success after months
  56. refuses to use it and urine on the floor (from italy!)
  57. Why not answered me????
  58. Has anyone had success with any brands of litter attractant?
  59. Tips that seem to be working for Kiki
  60. mess on the floor!!
  61. My stubborn little rogue!
  62. Poop on the Bed
  63. poo on beds, carpet, toilet floor... help desperately needed
  64. My cat will wee in LK but won't poo in LK, poo in the bath instead??
  65. No1 in bed, no2 in bathtub
  66. Just a Theory
  67. Seasoned Toileter Pooping on Bed
  68. poos on floor!!
  69. Can't Get Pass the Red Stage
  70. poops on the floor
  71. Kitty/Kwitter Issues
  72. Need Help !!!
  73. Trouble with the green ring and poo!
  74. tin foil, water bottles and cat attractant?
  75. Why is my cat peeing outside her litter tray??
  76. Little trick I'm using
  77. new thing: poo on bed, long time training. help!
  78. Glade Plugins and the Height of the Toilet
  79. Guess What this post is about...
  80. Pooing while facing the hole he dug instead of turning around?!Poo goes on the floor.
  81. Nearly there but not quite
  82. On green stage. will pee but won't poo DX
  83. My two boys just will not poop in the pan!!!
  84. Sadly going back to litter.....
  85. one kitty is the weakest link
  86. One who will, and one who won't! :-(
  87. Help! Green stage issues
  88. How to Lower Toilet Water Level
  89. Am at wits end now :(
  90. Refuses to poo on LK with flushable litter
  91. trouble with #2
  92. My cats are taking turns
  93. Frequency of accidents?
  94. Veteran cat, on green stage, regression.
  95. Help! Still pooing in bath even though they have tray back
  96. Giving up hope...
  97. so, what's the potty dance?
  98. please help
  99. When will it click?
  100. A really big warning
  101. Total and utter breakdown
  102. Why do cats poop on the floor?
  103. Stubborn bugger - Foot Position
  104. going on 8 months, cat still going on floor
  105. I THINK I FIGURED OUT WHY they poo on floor...but solution
  106. Help with Green stage to white stage - 1 year now!
  107. Same Problem with Number 2
  108. Need Master LK Advice
  109. Potential solution?
  110. poop on the floor kitty
  111. scratching my head on this one....
  112. What to do when you are at work
  113. After 2 years of success, cat pooping on floor
  114. Pooing on the floor OVER
  115. one does, one doesn't
  116. Suddenly crapping on the floor?!?!?!
  117. What's wrong?
  118. Potty Dance not working to change behaviour
  119. How I stopped my kitty from pooping on the floor
  120. Another possible reason for floor pooping
  121. Success at last!
  122. all you need is bleach
  123. Standing to pee
  124. Tub vs. toilet
  125. Create Sub-stages
  126. Big Probleme Please help us !
  127. Only 1 cat but won't poop in red
  128. Bleach a Trigger?
  129. Floor pooping? Possible solution.
  130. One out of Three Won't Go on Red
  131. Reversal
  132. 1 of our Kittens is Really Rebelling Against LK...
  133. Please help... mess on couch and in dryer :(
  134. My cats keep pooping in the kitchen?
  135. Suggestions for How to Reward/Punish
  136. What to do when cats Regress?
  137. Solved our cats pooping problem in less than 2 days....
  138. Cat positioning wrong
  139. wont use green disc
  140. Help! Older Cat training better than kitten (who poops on the floor) :(
  141. kittens going on the floor
  142. When "Cold Shoulder" Doesn't Work
  143. Exposure to litter box cause avoidance of toilet?
  144. cats won't poop at all, but seem fine otherwise - how often should they poop?
  145. Multi-cat poo on floor, urine in toilet
  146. Pooping on the floor :(
  147. HELP: my cat is not defecating in the LK
  148. 2 cats, 1 refuses to go #2 in LK
  149. Poo on the bed!!!
  150. Struggles with training my Kitties & pictures
  151. help!!! pooing on the floor is out of control!
  152. Problems with Stage One
  153. help!!My cat doesn't use always litter kwitter
  154. Poop on the floor? Food for thought.
  155. first positive feedback!
  156. Help! The cat is pooing in our shoes!
  157. What to Do When Silent Treatment Doesn't Work?
  158. Did anyone solve the poo's problem?
  159. help, my cat won't do his business through the hole
  160. Probleme avec le stage 2
  161. cat poop on floor because of Menstrul cycle smell
  162. Disaster
  163. Cat pooping in our bedroom
  164. Cause of poo on the ground:
  165. HELP!! 2 cats, One Blind, handles height but not toilet
  166. it might help, kitty pooed through the hole for a week now
  167. losing patience!
  168. pooping on the floor, litter dependence
  169. How to find out why your cat poo(s) on the floor and what is the solution
  170. I don't know what to do anymore
  171. How I got my cat to use the quitter
  172. i solved my pooping on the floor problem !!
  173. pooing on floor but used to use the red stage
  174. My cat will pee in LK on top of toilet bowl, but not poo.
  175. My cat do the opposite than the average behaviour...
  176. Amber Stage Poo Issues
  177. Poo downstairs
  178. Need some help PLEASE!
  179. Trying to be patient ...
  180. 3 cats on green stage
  181. 3 cats on green stage
  182. The most stubborn cat in the world
  183. Cat pooping in kwitter, but peeing off the side onto the floor--I'm at a loss
  184. litter kwitter versus recycling bin
  185. Total opposite !! poos in LK always, but pees on floor
  186. poo troubles after 1 year
  187. worried mom
  188. Help 1 Cat Will and 1 wont
  189. Retraining for the toilet...
  190. 2 theories about poo on floor
  191. Why poo on floor?
  192. Help, our cat poos on floor
  193. Train for one month but still poo on the floor.
  194. Pee's down hole but poo's on the side of LK
  195. poops on toilet and pees everywhere else
  196. Pees in hole and poops in the floor.
  197. Amber-Green stage problem,Amber problems
  198. Help!! with My cat
  199. Please Help!!!
  200. TWO cats, one OK and one not...
  201. Kitty stands when going
  202. How to stop him pooping on the floor :(
  203. Okay.....Poops in LK but Pees on the floor :\
  204. About not pooping in the LK (long!)
  205. Input on my case would be appreciated...
  206. training spiraled out of control.....
  207. My cat pee's in the LK but most poo falls on the floor..
  208. playing in water and splashing about
  209. cat poos on white rim and floor
  210. Kitten withholding poohs
  211. my cat poos in my shower every time
  212. Pooping on the floor!
  213. more complications
  214. Red Stage LK - can not train cats to use
  215. I'm am confused and maybe my Cat is too...
  216. 2 cats, 1 will not poo on kwitter
  217. Trying something new
  218. How infrequent is too little
  219. Pooping on the floor! HELP!
  220. Ugh... Pee in LK just fine, poo all over!
  221. Izzy likes to be different
  222. Help!
  223. Ring modification for slower progression
  224. Cat is scared of noises
  225. cleaning after accidents
  226. Poo on floor but there is an exception please help!!
  227. How I got Kitty to Poo on the LK and Not the floor
  228. Troubles at the Amber Stage
  229. My method of stopping my cat from Peeing and Pooping on the floor.
  230. Poop on Floor at Final Stage
  231. Kitty splashed with water when defecates on toilet
  232. Everyone's unhappy
  233. We are so close!
  234. Enough litter on the trays
  235. Cats have been pooing on the floor for more than 6 months!
  236. move onto next stage even though she won't poo on the litter kwitter?
  237. Cat won't go nr. 1 AND nr. 2 on the toilet
  238. Cat poo foot placement
  239. Cat poo foot placement
  240. Only poops when placed
  241. Help: my cat refuse to use the litter kwitter
  242. Pees in amber but poops on the floor. Soft stools with blood. Stressed out?
  243. Cat will poop, but not pee in the toilet!
  244. Not litter trained so cant get started
  245. Pooping on my bed!!! HELP!!!
  246. Great training aid to get cats to stop pooing on floor
  247. Will only pee and poo on the LK. Not down the hole.
  248. Poo on floor if we are not home
  249. Stated great, now one cat will not use LK & other poos on floor!
  250. cat no longer poops on floor since doing this!!!!