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  1. Did you know?
  2. Advice on Toilet Deodorisers
  3. More than one toilet
  4. 12yr Old cat - will it work?
  5. Will cats using the toilet harm other animals?
  6. Is it hygienic to share the toilet?
  7. Double dipping
  8. Additional Info on the Portable Litter Kwitter.
  10. Litter Kwitter Trained Kittens Available
  11. training two kitties
  12. Size of the magic litter kwitter ...
  13. How to handle temporary interruptions to training
  14. Remove the LK when I use the toilet?
  15. Troule with my cat she is using it only to piss
  16. Training two kittens
  17. HEY IM NEW
  18. When is my cat ready to move onto the next stage?
  19. Litter in the Toilet
  20. Using Lk before getting my kitten neutered?
  21. Problem with amber stage
  22. keeping the LK clean
  23. LK not wide enough for bowl...
  24. Suggestion for Product
  25. new to this forum
  26. Gave up Today
  27. Dont Give Up
  28. How to use the clips?
  29. Is it OK to use crystal litter?
  30. Can Kittens use the 'litter kwitter'?
  31. Nursing Queen
  32. Is this thing is really worth it?????
  33. Going OK until the dreaded flush
  34. Using The Basin
  35. Where is my multi-cat kit ??
  36. 2 existing cats and a new kitten on the way
  37. Been trying for 7 months, time to give up!
  38. I wonder?
  39. intermediate green disc
  40. Clips pinging off
  41. just beginning with two crazy LITTER SCRATCHERS!
  42. How to get my cat used to new toilet ??
  43. anyone have CATSTER?!
  44. any tips for training cat to aim into the hole?
  45. What to clean the Litter Kwitter with??
  46. What kind of litter is safe to flush down the toilet?
  47. getting the intermediate discs
  48. Do boys do as well as girls?
  49. Training agent
  50. Litter everywhere
  51. Getting ready to start
  52. Senior cats, urine quantity, and T.gondii
  53. Anyone here who works full time and cat toilet training.. seems tricky??
  54. Moving to a new place - good time to START?
  55. making the LK fit on an Elongated bowl
  56. Toilet Cleaning Products
  57. OK for long legged cats, but what about short legged ones?
  58. Getting vet samples
  59. Multi Kat Kit - Purchase in the UK
  60. Considering giving this a try.
  61. Cannot flush litter - ideas?
  62. LK and body shape (esp pear-shaped)
  63. What happens when cats need to go to cattery?
  64. My cats are a bit older....?
  65. Urinating onto the floor from the toilet
  66. Litter suggestions
  67. Multicat Household
  68. What the Heck is a Potty Dance?
  69. well i THOUGHT it was green...
  70. Travelling with toilet-trained cat?
  71. spare parts?
  72. No paws?
  73. I'm new - couple of questions
  74. Can LK be used to train cats that go outside too?
  75. Litter Kwitter User: What to do when leaving in a cattery?
  76. Can you flush cat poo?
  77. LK Training as of Yesterday xx
  78. Main bathroom - En Suite
  79. What brand of litter to start with?
  80. Will cats use other toilets in the house?
  81. How long has it taken you to train your cat?
  82. Specific toilets?
  83. Automatic flushing toilets in Australia
  84. Made my order today
  85. New kitten-with LK just skip litterbox all together?
  86. Order Status
  87. New kitten, skip litterbox and go straight to toilet?
  88. Taj just won't do it!
  89. Amber stage
  90. Question about first stage
  91. need help things were great till green stage.
  92. What to do when your LK gets older...
  93. What type of litter is everyone using?
  94. Order reception
  95. MultiKatKit for one cat
  96. Getting spayed...
  97. just started Oscar went straight in and did a wee
  98. Product Design Feedback
  99. Considering using this product
  100. One cat on two LK while learning
  101. Is there flushable cat litter?
  102. Will cats use any toilet or only the one they were trained on?
  103. Question related to the DVD
  104. Why the ridges?
  105. Suggested improvements
  106. HELP, any suggestions on peeing outside the white ring?
  107. First day there using the litter kwitter
  108. Cutting the LK to fit a wide toilet
  109. Caught on Video
  110. A few questions before I buy
  111. LK doesn't fit on my toilet.
  112. 4 Paw Declaw Trainee
  113. One week
  114. Thinking of trying it.
  115. flushing cat hopeful!
  116. Super sensitive cats - HELP
  117. Throwing in the towel
  118. Instructions
  119. LitterKwitter arrived... still waiting for the cat.
  120. New and advice welcome
  121. Problem with Cats peeing everywhere!!!!
  122. I Order this product
  123. Toilet Seat
  124. Unique Transaction ID #0FW53889D17357805
  125. Will my kittens be unhappy?
  126. kittens alreay want to poop in basin and bath will LK work?
  127. What litter is safe to flush?
  128. Multiple Toilets?
  129. Dogs using the LK?
  130. Drilling holes for drainage
  131. Missing the LK and peeing on the floor, HELP PLEASE
  132. Is it possible to buy a spare green ring?
  133. When do cats learn foot placement
  134. My cats only use LK to pee
  135. Help with flat toilet seat
  136. Admin, why is there not a dipl
  137. Portable Toilets and a general rant
  138. Just started
  139. travelling with kitty
  140. SERIOUS amber stage problem - help, I'm about to give up!
  141. Guests using the same toilet as kitty
  142. Our LK doesn't fit in toilet seat
  143. Heavy Kitty
  144. Amber Stage Help!
  145. Amber Stage Help!
  146. kenneling
  147. hates the hole
  148. The story and the big question
  149. The seat doesn't stay locked on toilet bowl....
  150. How young to start?
  151. Found 5 poops in my balcony plant
  152. S.O.S - Help - Mayday!
  153. Need Help Just Started And Put On Floor But Cat wont Touch It
  154. Cat From Hell/Jackson Galaxy?
  155. Pees on back of toilet
  156. Can my cat use the green stage?
  157. How long does the shipment take overseas?
  158. Will this product work with tail-less cats?
  159. Wider white seat?
  160. Multiple toilets?
  161. Very few posts
  162. Replaced toilet seat, cat won't use it now.
  163. Replaced toilet seat, cat won't use it now.
  164. Clips for the seat