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  1. Back to the tray
  2. help and advice needed !!!
  3. 1 Cat with Attitude - what to do when won't poo on LK
  4. Missing The Lk!
  5. Help! My cat pees on the toilet seat...
  6. Muhammad "The Cat" Ali
  7. Peeing problem on Amber Stage
  8. Stubborn cat, wet bathroom rug
  9. Sneaky cat will not number 2...
  10. not going often enough
  11. Help!!!!!
  12. wants lots of litter for poops
  13. Going around the edge not in the hole!
  14. I can't be there all the time...
  15. my cat refuses to go on the LK (Amber) so he goes in the tub!
  16. Is it bad to use one disc in the toilet and another on top for long periods?
  17. green stage big problem
  18. 9 months and still on amber
  19. New to the forum..need some guidance
  20. Toilet seat a different color than LK = problem?
  21. Despate
  22. Green stage anxiety....any suggestions?
  23. Green Stage was a GO. Now What? Toilet Seat?
  24. afraid to go after accident
  25. Has anyone's kitty had blood in their stool while using Litter Kwitter?
  26. I've given up
  27. Cat will not go in the amber
  28. Does anyone always use toilet paper?
  29. What is my cat telling me? Red -> Amber
  30. Piece of advice
  31. Kitty is being stubborn...
  32. Kitty Rebellion!
  33. Cat buries his stuff after it's already in the water?!?
  34. Temporary toilet?
  35. Amber issues
  36. Pooing in toilet only when shower is filled with water or lemons...
  37. The BEST way to utilise the KL to train your cat!!
  38. Two Evil Cats - Please Help!
  39. ready to throw in the towel
  40. Two cats, one up to Amber, one still on Red
  41. Advice, please?
  42. Correcting position
  43. Problems with green - walks around too much!!
  44. Nearly at the end of my tether
  45. frustrated and angry being stuck at red
  46. cat pees in toilet at green but still poops on floor
  47. Lol - first attempt... It's NOT a bed!
  48. Need help! - cat on green, but doesn't reach the hole!
  49. First Stage - Red disc on floor
  50. Started today...
  51. searching for a flushable litter
  52. Cat uses LK butt sticks his but out over the edge; peeing on the floor!
  53. worried.. my cat have no "gone" in 2 days
  54. Problem with Kitty on stage 3
  55. Cat doesn't want to use LK
  56. Poos in amber disk, PEES on floor! Help!
  57. Can't flush litter, but I may have a solution?
  58. On green stage. will pee but won't poo DX
  59. problem on the green stage
  60. Has anyone really succeeded? I'm on the verge of giving up...
  61. Pee in the sink poo in the toilet?!
  62. Question for Alikat
  63. help, can't move to amber disk!!!
  64. Arete will poo anywhere except the LK
  65. Moving from amber to green: problems!
  66. Balancing on the ring
  67. How shall I ever get pass the green stage???
  68. Red Disk
  69. It sounded like it might work(?)
  70. The normal toilet seat?
  71. Some problems
  72. Today I quit the LK
  73. Late red stage issues
  74. Have it happened to your cat?
  75. Potty dance advice
  76. Amber To Green???? Help!!!!!
  77. Red to Amber :(
  78. Hilarious Cat Video!
  79. Can't even use red properly
  80. Red to Amber stage - success tip
  81. On the seat
  82. Well trained cats still poo and pee on the floor sometimes!
  83. Changing rooms?
  84. Help! She's holding it in 'til she gets SICK...
  85. Okay, this is just weird
  86. Attitude!
  87. Clean or Dirty Tray?
  88. WTB - Green Disk
  89. Toilet cleaning question
  90. probem moving for red to Amber!!!
  91. Not peeing often enough?
  92. Red stage/amber stage issues!
  93. Deep down inside, sometime they do understand
  94. Not clear on next step
  95. Cleaning?
  96. Help moving forward
  97. Positioning a Cat
  98. Help - Cat won't jump up to toilet!
  99. From Red Disk on Floor -to- Red Disk on toilet
  100. my cat is doing his stuff on the toilet seat
  101. Please please help...my house smells like old crazy cat lady lives there
  102. Help!
  103. Blogging about litter kwitter training
  104. Amazing trained kitties
  105. Help me! About to lose it!
  106. a little setback
  107. authentic designer handbags
  108. I think I have to give up!
  109. Homemade Formula for Cleaning the Toilet?
  110. Moving on the Amber Stage
  111. Cat is peeing on the back of the toilet
  112. Cat runs out of toilet when I walk in to supervise her
  113. End of my tether :o(
  114. i have teh opposite problem! help greatfully recieved :)
  115. My cat CAN'T be trained!!!
  116. Won't go through the hole on Amber stage
  117. We messed up. Now what?
  118. can't get rid of the smell
  119. Pooping...
  120. Trouble moving to Green Stage/ Bad Peeing Posture
  121. Position Problems
  122. First time here...
  123. dags
  124. Stuck on green
  125. Problems and solutions for red disc
  126. LK Round 2 Amber to Green Issues
  127. Problems on the Green
  128. should i buy??
  129. Share Your Best Tips for Correcting Problems
  130. One cat totally rebelling moving on to Amber stage, what to do???
  131. One gets it no problem, the other won't jump
  132. Making Holes into the Litter Kwitter Trays
  133. Help! Cat wont stop digging the green disk before positioning
  134. Won't go by himself
  135. Neutering Surgery for Our Boy
  136. Bloody cats!
  137. is it going well?
  138. Mackenzie: Amber: he poops & scores!
  139. amber stage arghhh
  140. I need some advice
  141. he always miss the LK when peeing
  142. Prefers the sink or bath drain to the green ring
  143. Do I still need to let them bury their waste?
  144. water water everywhere!!
  145. Amber to Green
  146. Red to amber tip and idea
  147. What treats work best?
  148. Need help with positioning on amber =\
  149. Just started on Red
  150. Toilet seat - opinions wanted!
  151. Help needed! Green to Amber
  152. Trouble with the first stage!
  153. red > amber :: SOLVED ::
  154. Green stage - poop on floor
  155. Red - 11th May 09
  156. Red Stage 1st Day Problem
  157. Mackenzie: green stage & the Holy Grail
  158. Red to Amber day one issues
  159. What should I do?
  160. Train older kitten now or wait for the 2nd one?
  161. Kitten won't jump up by herself
  162. worried... :confused:
  163. Help I cat will not use even the red disk!!!
  164. Litter Problem SOLVED!!
  165. Day 1 questions
  166. Canadian cleaning products question
  167. the ten minute digger
  168. GROSS!! Help needed!!
  169. How long on the floor?
  170. Amber Stage Issues. Need Advice.
  171. 1 cat doing good, the other, not so good.
  172. 2nd time lucky
  173. "AT EASE" spray question
  174. "CAT ATTRACT" litter and additive questions
  175. "Swheat" litter ~ ANYONE TRIED IT??
  176. Pheremone plug in ~ Anyone try them??
  177. Standing on the LK, but weeing outside it
  178. New Kittens
  179. Help!
  180. strange question...
  181. cure for wet paw syndrome!
  182. Starting to poop on the wrong side of the loo!
  183. Reducing litter on the Green stage
  184. Kitty is pooping and peeing on bed!
  185. problem with pee
  186. My cat loves the carpet!
  187. New Kitten, Older cat Having Surgery!
  188. Pooping on the seat?
  189. Automatic Toilet Flusher For Sale
  190. Intermediate Amber question
  191. Wont poo in Litter Kwitter
  192. How can I break this cycle?
  193. The smell of urine, or lack thereof...
  194. 2 Questions...
  195. Won't poo - at all!
  196. My cat needs me to pee...!
  197. poo problem...?
  198. Litter Kwitter Nightmare
  199. green stage: peeing alright, pooping in the tub
  200. Minor issue, annoying at best
  201. Kitty had a bad experience and now he poops outside the toilet!
  202. Home made Recipe for Enzyme Cleaner
  203. Do i change Yet?
  204. What to do when pee on rug after intermediate amber disk
  205. Trained Cat Reverts to Pooing on Floor, What to Do?
  206. 2 boys, 1 just doesn't get it
  207. Holding it in!
  208. 3 cats, problems with green disk
  209. Just starting out
  210. Problems with amber stage
  211. Please Help. About to give up!
  212. help my new bengal
  213. How long can a cat hold it?
  214. Kitten Trying to "Fill" The Amber Hole
  215. Kitten fell into non-LK toilet, still change stage?
  216. transition from Red to Amber
  217. rebelling cat - need help please!
  218. Transition from Green to Nothing / Vacation
  219. Peeing on the floor due to wrong position
  220. Anyone PLEASE HELP !!! Cat poo on floor!!
  221. How do you get past the Green Stage
  222. fickle cat
  223. chubby cat missing tray
  224. I'm Exhuasted...........truly
  225. My Cat Cat Poos On The TRAY RIM
  226. Creative Ideas
  227. Amber help!
  228. how can i get switched to flushable litter?
  229. My cat wouldn't let it go into a hole!!! Pls help
  230. Need advice please...
  231. bad positioning/misplaced pee
  232. Cats won't put paws on toilet seat
  233. 2 cats 1 knows what to do and the other having troubles
  234. help- amber stage
  235. Amber a problem for our Burmese
  236. Losing will to keep going
  237. Amber peeing problems :(
  238. How Green is My Valley?
  239. Kitty refuses to use LK...
  240. argh! sometimes he uses it sometimes he doesn't...
  241. My Cat Loves Water!!
  242. suggestions planning for toileting after neutering please
  243. Green stage pooping problem
  244. Big Private cat Pees in LK, but Poos outside Bathroom
  245. Please help we are ready to give up after 6 months on red!
  246. New User
  247. why!!!
  248. What do you say to people who tell you the LK is mean and cruel?
  249. cat with injured leg - was toilet trained HELP!
  250. return to LK after a UTI-help